Dark Funeral

Belphegor – Gigant Apeldoorn

Belphegor was founded as Betrayer in 1991 by vocalist and bassist Maxx, guitarists Helmuth and Sigurd, and drummer Chris. The band released their first demo Kruzifixion in April 1991, and Unborn Blood later on. After adopting the name Belphegor in 1993, they released another demo, Bloodbath in Paradise on Maxi-CD format. At somepoint before or after the release of this demo, Maxx departed … Meer lezen

Schoonebeek Deathfest

Schoonebeek Deathfest Schitterend nieuw festival in Schoonebeek Drenthe , met als hoofdmoot Oldschool Deathmetal, Bier en vooral gezelligheid. Bands: Lifeless,Fleshcrawl, soulburn, Grond, Dead will Walk, Revel in Flesh, Cold Blooded, Carnal Tomb Fotograaf: Ronald van de Baan  

Deadhead Releaseparty

 Release party Dead Head  te Hedon Zwolle Deadhead  Tom van Dijk – vocals, bass Ronnie van der Wey – guitar Robbie Woning – guitar Hans Spijker – drums Founded in 1989 Swine Plague out now on Hammerheart Records Fotograaf:Ronald van de Baan  shot for www.livereviewer.com

Black and White

Black and White shots from artist from the metal/rock scene throughout the years!

Into The Grave 2017

Into The Grave is een tweedaags festival in Leeuwarden, Friesland. In opdracht voor   www.livereviewer.com heb ik daar geschoten: Amon Amarth , Arch Enemy, Overkill, Sodom, Whitechapel, Life Of Agony, Pro-Pain, Ember Falls © Ronald van de Baan